Monday, May 17, 2010

Not all Lettuce is Created Equal.

Know what you're gaining from the greens you're consuming so that you can get a variety of nutrients your body needs to feel and work at its best!

- Blah. Adds a little color, but that's about it. Contains almost no fiber, vitamins, or minerals.

Romaine - These celery-flavored greens are the best source for beta-carotene, the cancer killer.

Arugula - Mustard flavored leaves containing 10% of the bone-building mineral found in a glass of whole milk and 100% less saturated fat.

Spinach - A great source of lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that protects vision from the maladies of old age.

Mustard Greens - These spicy, crunchy leaves are overflowing with the amino acid tyrosine which is known to improve memory and concentration.

Endive - This bitter, crispy green is packed with fiber and folate - a vitamin necessary for the health of pregnant women.

Watercress - A pepper-flavored HEPA filter for your body. Offers phytochemicals that may ward off lung cancer caused by cigarette smoke and other airborne pollutants.

Bok Choy - A bowl of this cabbage-flavored green provides 23% of your Vitamin A daily requirement and 1/3 of your Vitamin C daily requirement. It also provides a host of phytochemicals - flavonoids, isothiocyanate, and dithiolthione.

Kohlrabi - Each serving provides 25% of your daily potassium, keeping your blood pressure in check. Also contains glucosinolate which may prevent some cancers.

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Jenny Beth said...

hey mal, thank you for this very informative post, there is surely more to lettuce than i originally thought.